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3 Big Goals for 2018

After listening to week 3 training call, I have come up with my 3 Biggest Goals for 2018.

  1. Focus on Me
    1. Love my body. Be deep with myself. Say no. Say yes. Incorporate love, laughter and pleasure into my life, social and sexual.
  2. Have Experiences
    1. Girls nights. Group days. Holidays. Date nights. Try new things. Do the things that are my dream list. Do things that are scary.
  3. Embody Easefulness
    1. Bring ease, peace and tranquillity to life. Let go of control. Give into surrender. Allow things to happen. No micromanaging.

After making these goals, I sent two messages. One to Dave and one to B. Both along the lines of ‘no matter what’s going on in life, we have one day, evening, night per month where we do something’. Dave > date night, days trips, couple things. B > girl nights, theatre, food, try something new. Whether as a group or if they can’t join just girls only.

I loved B’s response “Absafuckingluly!”

After a long day mainly working I came home, put my headphones in and iPod on and danced. I feel so much better too when I walked into the house. A better feeling going to bed with.

Originally written on the 13th December. 


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