Life, Relationship

It’s the Both of Us

When I said I spoke to Dave about how I felt the other day. Did I tell you I did it over text? I know, probably not the best way to break news about your relationship feelings. He did ask me if I was annoyed at him via text I didn’t wanna lie.

Still, no excuse not to do it face to face.

On our walk today we or should I say I started to talk about it face to face. It was just us. No phones. Just talking.

Both got to fully understand how I feel. He was able to tell me if he’d like any changes. He just agreed with what I’d already said I needed to work on. I will admit, it’s not just Dave that needs to improve. I need to work on my letting go of control and spending less.

It all takes times. That’s something else I need to work on.

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