Goals, Life

Trying New Things

Trying something new is one of my goals. Do something that scares me is another. Although I’ve spoken to Dave about how I feel. Certainly scary but not one for me to say, “Yes, I’ve completed the goal”.

For me, the try something new should be an ongoing goal. I don’t wanna just try something new once then be done. I wanna keep trying new things, big or small. I think I wanna change the try something new from a goal to a ground rule.

Trying new things is something I’d like to live by.

New things I’ve done today:

Lobster – was quite nice.

Chocolates I always say I don’t like but probably never actually tried – Now I can say with 100% honesty, I don’t like them.

I played Fizzy Dizzy for the first time. A Prosecco pong drinking game – quite fun. I even joined in on the drinking.

Small things but new things all the same.

Have you tried something new today? 

Watched: A Christmas Horror Story – 2 out of 5

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