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Every Little Bit Does Help

Two of my Big Dream goals is to make a difference in peoples lives and in the animal world. With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to make a difference.

I’m lucky enough to make a difference to my customers’ lives when I’m working. Even for a small half an hour. To someone who is on their own that half an hour means the world.

In the animal world, I’m a volunteer with the Yorkshire Animal Shelter. Since 2012, I’ve helped with animal care, fundraising and social media. I’m now doing only the animal care as that’s what I’m passionate about.

There are a number of things that can be done to help other people and animals without having to go to a shelter or someones’ home. Some may mean only small changes and next to no money being spent. More so if they’re incorporated into our lives somehow.

Used Stamps:

Sending and receiving post can be few and far between in today’s digital world. Charities can use stamps to exchange for money based on the weight. Those odd letters or cards you get through the post, collecting these stamps in a container or a drawer. They all add up. It’ll only cost a stamp to post them to the charity of your choice. The stamp you paid for can help them too.

Ink Cartridges:

Most inject cartridges can be recycled. They can raise one pound per inkjet to a charity. One pound might not be a lot but sending all will again add up. Majority of the recycling companies gives out Freepost bags or boxes to send them in. No cost to you. Use ink a lot? Have you been throwing them in the bin? Have a think, a charity of your choice may benefit from those extra pounds.



Mainly animal organisations may want newspapers. I take some to Yorkshire Animal Shelter. Is there a local charity near you in need of papers? Even if you don’t buy papers yourself. I don’t. But my grandparents do. Daily. Asking them to put to one side may not be a big ask? Collect them when you visit and drop them off at the charity. To the charity, it may make that small difference.

Unwanted Items:

Charity shops are around most corners these days. Majority of them do great work to raise funds to help research and cover the cost of medical or social bills. Most always want clothes, books, DVDs’ etc. Got a room to clear? Clothes you no longer like or fit? You don’t even have to actively focus on unwanted items. Do you ever think I don’t want this anymore? Do you put it back or put it in the bin? Put a box or bag to one side of your wardrobe, that item can do in there instead. Once full, to the charity shop, it can go.

Helping a charity doesn’t have to take a lot of your time or energy.

Does your employer throw away stamps or ink cartridges? A collection could be started in the office maybe?

Do you help charities? If so what do you do to help?


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