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Instagram: Signed up and Deleted in one week


On the 1st of November 2017, I deleted all my social media. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. No more. I’ve gone nearly 3 months without it. The only thing I miss is taking pictures. I can take pictures every day but not all link with what I write.

I’ve decided to set an Instagram account up under my blogs name, to put some of my photos and my journey with my goals and life.

I missed photos. I don’t miss check-ins, tweets. I’m more in tune with my life. I’m embracing #joy2018.


I miss taking photos.

Why do I have to have an Instagram account to take photos? I don’t.
Just because I take photos, does that mean I have to share them with everyone? No.
Did I just take that photo just to put on Instagram? Yes.
Would I have taken that photo if I didn’t have Instagram? No.

So, why did I think that I needed to have an Instagram just to take photos? Because everyone else is doing it and I wanted to be apart of that again.

Do I wanna do something just because I should do it because everyone else is doing it too? No.

Why did I stop taking photos just because I removed my social media? I have no idea.

Some of the questions that have been going around my head this past week. I miss taking photos. I have no idea why I stopped taking photos. But I have come to the realisation that I don’t need Instagram to take photos. I can take photos anytime, anywhere without having to share them.

If photos are linked with what I may have written some days, I may share them on here. But I don’t need to take them just to share them. I wanna take photos because that’s what I love to do in my own time, out and about exploring the world.

Photography is something that I do not want to go into. I just wanna take photos for fun. Like many other professions, there are many photographers in the world. I just don’t have the ambition to become one.

Photos are for me when I feel like it not because I should take them. Am I a hypocrite for removing all social media then 3 months later starting one up again? Maybe. I don’t wanna be that person just because I should have social media.

I’m trying to be my authentic self. Let’s act it then!

Goodbye Instagram, yet again.

When deleting my Instagram this time around, I don’t know why, but apart of me wanted to ensure that all other accounts were deleted too. My account from last year had deleted like I knew. But I tried an old email address to find that account still active. That has been deleted too. As far as I’m aware, I have no other Instagram accounts.

Watched: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle > 5 out of 5

2 thoughts on “Instagram: Signed up and Deleted in one week”

  1. good news about Jumanji – it’s on our Netflix DVD list.
    I am with you on the Social Media. It’s a little disorienting at first, but after a while it feels like you are getting your life back.
    I first quit Facebook a year ago – but I was able to access it through our work office account so I could go in and look once in a while. Finally I chucked the whole thing and told them at work I would no longer be helping with Facebook. Twitter I quit around mid-year. I found they both had some kind of bad feeling for me. I knew the end would come.
    I don’t miss it at all. I feel very free of it. I keep my focus on positive vibes.
    I still have both an Instagram and LinkedIn account – I’m good with these because I feel no need to post on either place. I use them to just browse pictures and articles – Walt Disney World, local businesses, a few work connections. I do comment occasionally but I don’t feel any big pressure to keep up. I do post myself on rare occasions, but it’s nothing important – just on a whim.
    I don’t follow the news at all any more, so these two kind of keep me in some kind of loop.

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    1. I agree completely about it having a freeing feeling to not having the social media. The negativity I felt towards it in the end before getting rid. It was affecting my mental health too much.
      It’s great to read your view. Hope you like Jumanji, I loved it.

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