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The Big One

I’ve just gone and done what I said I wouldn’t do. I’ve signed up for another course. This course, however, is a big one. It could potentially help me to become a life coach officially.

How’d I come to signing up for the Ultimate Coach Programme? 

By a free webinar. A 90-minute webinar on steps to a coaching class. The further I got into the webinar, the more I felt excited and shakey. The programme wasn’t even mentioned until the last part when the main class had finished.

The positivity I felt, the discounted price with lifetime access and bonus content, live events plus more. I’m excited to start.

My only dilemma is Facebook. One part of the course had Q&As on Facebook. I don’t want to miss out so I have to figure out what I want to do about that. The coach on the programma, CC’d a support into the reply email to ask what I could do regarding Facebook.

A hard conversation with myself needs to be had.


4 thoughts on “The Big One”

  1. Yep – I just told them at work that I would not be helping with Facebook updates any longer. But there was little to no risk to me losing my job.
    I’d push back a little to be honest, before I give in to it. There NEEDS to be another option for people like yourself who do not do Facebook.
    I predict in a few years Facebook will be passe.

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    1. Yeah, social media is so big right now. I don’t wanna get back into the trap and negativity. Even though I wanna do the course I need to think of myself too. Thank you for the comment


      1. Social media has been big for some time (I started FB in 2007). It will always be there. But you, the real you, is more than social media. Don’t let it absorb you.

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