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Where do I feel peaceful, strong, able to affect change?

Journalling. Checking with goals.

Where do I feel silenced, weal or disregarded?

Office. Body Love. Future Career. Confidence. Money. Authority Figure.

What is one action I can take to reclaim my power? To reclaim ownership of my life?

A hard one maybe: but to stop thinking, overthinking, letting my thoughts be ruled by my thinking.

I know it says one but I want another: I want to LISTEN. To really listen. Listen with feeling as well as hearing the words.


2 thoughts on “Power”

  1. the good thing about writing down my thoughts (like tracking the food I eat) is I can see the truth. It’s like DNA – it’s there, it’s what you wrote. This is why after decades of writing with pencil and eraser I started writing in ink. I do cross out sometimes, but I leave enough to see what I wrote.
    Sometimes the truth is not clear in my mind as it gets influenced by my feelings. Sometimes when I go back to what I have written previously I can see how far I have grown, how much stronger I am. I can also see where I am treading over the same worn ground where I am unhappy.

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