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Less Thinking. More Being in the Now.

I’ve tried not to think too much today. When a thought came into my head, even a judgement, I’ve tried to let it pass. If it wasn’t something to act on, I wouldn’t think about it. Working towards that mindfulness.

I’ve really enjoyed today. I volunteered at the animal shelter, spent some time with my grandma.

I have thoughts of safeness when with her as I could tell she’s declined since I last saw her. But I had a mini think about it. Thinking: I’m missing out on the time spent with her. Get back to listening.

Then I had lunch with B. We made pizza, watched The BFG and played a new game for me; labyrinth. So much fun. B doesn’t like it but I won twice. I told her about my blog and the course I’ve just signed up for.

Dave messed up with some instructions I gave. I didn’t think of that or blame him when I found out. Had a joke about it instead. Then we went to friends for dinner and played Halo Monopoly. 4 adults got beat by a 7-year-old. It was a great laugh.

I’m tired from a long busy day. I feel I would be more mentally tired if I was thinking more through the day though.

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