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Road Trip: Southhampton Overnighter

An early morning to get down to Southhampton by lunchtime. We’ve gone down for Dave’s Uncles 50th Birthday Party. This journey is different for me in the fact that I’m not driving. At first, it seemed a little strange but great though.

I felt I could relax more. I took my neck pillow I was given for Christmas 2016. This is the first time I’ve been able to use it in the car. I never thought I’d sleep but I did. I spent half the time sleeping.

The time I was awake, I didn’t get antsy once. Suppose there was not much goal work I could do.

The afternoon before the party was lovely. Spent time with members of Dave’s family, had a walk, then got ready.


The party itself was good, it was held at their local golf club. They even had a photo booth. Similar to the ones seen at the Wedding Fair last week. It made us decided we’d like one for our evening wedding entertainment.


We’re staying at a local Premier Inn, the bed in comfy, cannot wait to sleep.

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Tattoo: Part 1

After 3 and 1/2 to 4 hours, my first sitting for my second tattoo is completed. I’ve a better pain threshold then I believed. I’m loving it.

In a months time, I can go back for my next sitting to have it finished. My dragon is certainly different to my first one. I got it nearly 3 years ago and I still love it. It’s a great reminder to myself that ‘I am Enough’. Even if I find it hard to believe at times.


It’s been tattoo month. Dave has also had his tattoo done. I was in pain and he fell asleep!


Watched: Sharknado 5 > 1 out of 5
The Autopsy of Jane Doe > 4 out of 5
Triangle > 3 out of 5

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Getting Out of the Funk

Hearing the news that Demi Lovato is gonna be in the UK this June has lifted my spirits. Got me out of my 2-week funk. Thankfully one of the dates I can do.

As I know Dave isn’t as enthusiastic as I am about the concert, I’ve asked one of my friends, who I think it’s been nearly 2 years since we last saw each other. We sent letters back and forth every few months.

She said yes!

I have a good few weekends to look forward to in June. One of which is Demi Lovato and my friend.

I’m also giddy as I now have 3 full days off starting tomorrow. Fully booked too. Getting my second tattoo tomorrow and an overnight stay down south for Dave’s Uncles 50th Birthday.

Happiness and Joy2018 happening. Ekk!!!


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Being Happy in my Job

You’ve probably read I’m a community carer if you’ve read my previous posts. Last August I was given the opportunity to do extra for the company within the office. Since starting this part of my role, I’ve felt a bit mixed.

There was never a new contract, just a verbal agreement about what I would be doing. Many times since, I’ve felt more of a negative vibe from the office side of things. More due to the fact that they’ve requested more of me and expect me to do things beyond the agreement.

Some of the things I’ve been happy to do, whereas others I haven’t been able to say no. For times I’ve said no and done what’s best for me, I haven’t felt the respect.

I love my carer side of my job. The job I’m contracted for. I’m good at it. That’s the place I wanna be. I feel positive out in the field. Due to this, I have given my notice to the office side of my role.

I want to be doing what I love.

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A Bit of Shut Eye

The first time in a while I ended up having a nap for an hour. Napping isn’t something I consciously plan. My eyes were telling me something, listening to my body, I stopped what I was doing, set my alarm and sat on the sofa.

I didn’t feel I slept but I didn’t feel entirely awake. The hour went by so fast I clearly needed to rest my eyes. I felt better afterwards, ready to continue my evening work calls.

I’m still tired, my eyes are aching again. So listening to my body. I’m gonna say good night. I hope your day has treated you well.

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Book: Be Your Own Life Coach by Jeff Archer

After my break from work the last couple of days, I feel back on form. The funk is gone. I was able to post my phone off and my iPod is fixed. I’ve felt more in a relaxed state of mind. Becuase of this I’ve been able to just be and read. Leading to finish my book.

Be Your Own Life Coach by Jeff Archer. Think I’m having a 2.5 day. This is what I’d rate this book. I liked I could see another viewpoint on coaching. This book is based on developing yourself as the name suggests.

Previously I’ve read books with questions in and either passed over them or I might think of the answer in my head. This time I had a go. I answered a few (see below). But I got to a point I felt I didn’t need to or want to answer. I just wanted to read the book.

I felt this book was looking at the outside-in approach to coaching. What I’ve been learning is the inside-out approach. This way of coaching and mindset I feel is more for me. Don’t get me wrong. The book provides different strategies from the activities and I like the real people stories.

They make it more relatable. From my view of reading it, I believe it’s not gonna help me anymore, then being an alright read.

By the time I finish working on this book I will?

  • Feel less anxiety
  • Feel more courageous
  • Be more effective at saying yes to want I want
  • Be better at saying no to what I don’t want
  • Have more confidence
  • Have a greater joy for life
  • Feel balance in my life
  • Make the most of every opportunity

Today I will be:

  • Mindful
  • Easeful
  • Confident
  • Assertive
  • Generous

Today’s opportunities for change:

  1. Behave more confident in the team meeting
  2. Be clear on my yes and no
  3. Eat healthier by taking fruit as snacks to work
  4. Experience a sense of easefulness by doing Yoga
  5. Let my thoughts pass me by and focus in the now

Being with the end in mind:

  • My greatest achievement will be growing my confidence and courageousness
  • My Biggest challenge will be living a healthier lifestyle
  • The greatest benefits of this book will be me doing the work, seeing what works for me to improve my personal development

Top 5 things in life that are guaranteed to make me happy:

  1. Spending time with Dave
  2. Having day trips
  3. Spending time with family and friends
  4. Writing
  5. Reading

What did I enjoy doing today?

  • Yoga
  • BSL videos
  • Reading
  • Monthly Journal Review

What would I like to do less of?

  • Doing other people’s job

What did I learn today?

  • That my mindset hasn’t changed fully. I felt anger/frustration at work. The lack of communication/organisation

What will I do differently tomorrow?

  • Try process my anger/frustration in a different way to better understand it

Thought of the day:

  • I’m loving my discovery of my creative outlet

Lifestyle Ratings: Dissatisfied 0 – 10 Satisfied

  • Confidence levels: 5
  • Personal Relationships: 6
  • Family life: 3
  • Friends: 7
  • Effectiveness at home: 4
  • Energy levels: 5
  • Fitness: 4
  • Stamina: 3
  • Nutrition habits: 4
  • Body shape: 6
  • Physical appearance: 7
  • Career development: 4
  • Financial situation: 2
  • Ability to cope with stress: 6
  • Effectiveness at work: 6
  • Enjoyment of your leisure time: 3
  • Ability to manage your time: 6
  • Ability to prioritise: 5
  • Personal development: 5
  • Ability to balance my life: 4
  • Happiness: 5
  • Overall satisfaction with life: 6

What did I learn by assessing different aspects of my life?

  • I thought some that were high scores would be lower and vice versa

Do my scores reflect a balanced outlook on life?

  • I feel they are close to my overall satisfaction. But more work needs to happen to be completely balanced.

Have I thought about my life as a collection of different areas before?

  • Yes, in the Holiday Council, Molly breaks down areas into slices of life. But not to the degree here.

Watched: Precious Cargo: 2.5 out of 5

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First Wedding Fayre

Even with technology declining around me, I had an exciting day. Dave and I went to our first wedding fayre. Dave proposed in Barcelona, a year and a half ago. Before we do get married we want to be in our own place. My aim for Christmas 2019 is to have a family meal at our place.

Then we can plan our wedding. I’ve had ideas of what I’d like out of our wedding but didn’t wanna get excited as it’s gonna be a few years before we say our ‘I Dos’. One venue idea I like, always curious when driving past when working, was holding a wedding fayre.

I asked Dave if he’d go and off we went. I love it. Seeing the different ideas and businesses I couldn’t dream of was great. Seeing the venue helped to make it a possible choice.

As a popular question at the fayre, ‘when and where are you getting married’, we weren’t able to answer. We got onto discussing it and came up with 2 possible years but were undecided on the month. We’re thinking possible April or May but then decided on a year.

In 3 years time in 2021 we will be getting married. It gives us 3 years of steady planning and figuring out what we want. In 3 years time, we should have been living together for at least 2 years.

It has that natural flow. Having that excitement, positive feeling that it’s time to start thinking about our wedding.

A mini phone update: After 3 weeks of waiting, I received my proof of purchase from the phone company. Tomorrow I can post my phone off to the support place. See what they have to say.

A mini iPod update: I have a scheduled call with a support member tomorrow to see their take on my iPod.