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Monthly Review: January 2018

I’m a bit in non-belief that January has come to an end already. One month of Joy 2018 done. I feel I’m embracing my theme this year straight of the bat. Cherish, my 2017 theme, took me a few months to get settled in with.

January has given me memories and hurdles to overcome. My biggest, not sure if the word is correct, I wanna say risk of the month is signing up for the Ultimate Coaching Programme with David Key.

Coaching is only a new ambition for me. I am a carer but I’ve never officially coached anyone. I’m feeling good about it though. I’ve told two of my close, trusted friends about my blog. One of whom has said they really like it and my honesty.

I’ve also brought cherish into the New Year. Even though it was my theme for 2017, I still wanna incorporate it into my life. I’ve been spending time with my family and friends. I’ve attended birthday and christening celebrations, family meals, friend get togethers and girly days. Dave and I have put a few days aside for ourselves too.

I even started therapy sessions as well. Mainly a big conversation. Someone I can vent too. Tonight is my 5th session. Soon that’ll be drawing to an end.

January has brought hurdles too but as I’m feeling positive I’ll skip them this month. They’re all hurdles I can find solutions too.

Now the biggy, my goals. I like to set goals, I have many, just take a look at my dream page. You’ll see. I believe my coaching course has helped my own mindset from what I’ve watched so far. I have my list of goals, yeah, but I’ve been more relaxed about completing these.

If I’m honest I feel I’ve done more, than when I was stressing about completing them. This month I’m representing how many days I focused on each in a chart. As you’ll see I’ve focused on a few goals on the same day.

January 2018

I’d like to continue having the positive changes to my mindset and attitude. Plus to help me continue how I’ve been completing my goals.

What I’ve planned in February:

Well, this month I have; an NVQ meeting, I’m volunteering, I’ve got myself down for a blood donation, starting my second tattoo, a family 50th weekend away and my MOT is due.

A packed month before I begin my work and goals on top of that.

See you at the end of February.


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