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Goals are like Jigsaw Puzzles

Goals are like a jigsaw puzzle. The box shows a visual representation of what the end looks like. There to remind us each time we focus on it.

It would be great to open the box, let the pieces fall out and the puzzle be complete. The end goal realised. It’s never that easy.

Reaching the end goal leads to a path of enlightenment, gratitude, sadness, fear and all other emotions in between. No matter the end representation, each connection needs to be put together piece by piece. For the picture; the goal to form.

If goals were easy, we’d be completing them every day. Becoming a habit, to the point they’re not goals anymore.

A goal is a journey. A journey to who and what you wanna be. Don’t take the pieces for granted. It’s within you. Whatever it takes, those pieces allow learning, acceptance, sadness, laughter. Make each one count.

The end goal will arrive. It’s the journey, those small pieces that count.

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