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A Test from the Universe

I feel like the universe has come to test me. Last night, I said goodnight to Dave, we’re in our time apart part of our rotas, turned my phone off like any other night.

This morning wasn’t any other morning where my phone was concerned. Went to turn it on. Nope, wasn’t playing. Between me turning it off then on again it’s decided it needs recovering.

After following the steps, twice. The phone still wanted to be recovered. Before my first try finished, however, I had to leave for work. Without my phone. Before I left I had to ring on call to note I am on my calls I just won’t be tagging into them.

On arrival back and still no luck, I tried phone support. Rung the number. Busy. Had luck with the online chat. But still no luck with the phone. Thankfully my phone is still under warranty. So I have to send it to the manufacturer once their Freepost box arrives.

For the warranty to be valid I need a receipt for the purchase. Well, think this will teach me to keep receipts in the future. Rung phone shop. Busy. Online chat wins again. Fingers crossed by the time my box arrives so will my receipt.

They told me it’ll be within 8-10 days to sort my phone. 10 days without a phone! I’m sure I’ve said before I’d wonder what it would be like without a phone. My phone has given me that wish.

The only technological communication I currently have is email and monster messenger. I do have my blog. For if any of my friends are reading this, my phone should be on its way back to me. However, lovely, if you are reading this, I’m not ignoring you, I just don’t have other means to contact you.

It’ll be a test for me. But so far after 12 hours without my phone, I’m 50/50. There’s that game show again. Partly feel like I’m missing something. The other part I feel a sense of freedom.

Have you had to live without your phone or do you choose to?


6 thoughts on “A Test from the Universe”

    1. Thank you for your comment. So far I’m understanding the need to change my routine. I’m feeling isolated somewhat. Ooo never thought of that, may do. Thanks ☺


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