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Early Mornings and Phone Update

Usually when I wake up early, at a reasonable time, before my alarm. I try to make myself go back to sleep. There are times I need to. There are times I do feel worse when my alarm goes off. There are times I lie awake, not having much luck getting back to sleep.

Getting frustrated with myself. In turn, effects my mood for the day. The odd occasion I stay up, do something I need to do. This morning was one of those. I was up an hour and 45 minutes before my alarm.

Putting myself first is something I neglect at times. Something I’m working on. I’m slowly getting better.

This morning I decided to do a bit more of my jigsaw puzzle. In that time I managed to complete it. Finishing a puzzle gives me a sense of achievement. Having this feeling has helped me start the day off right. Even towards the end of the day, work included.

Phone update:

Still waiting for the box to be able to send my phone to be sorted. Work has kindly offered me a temporary phone so I can still use my work app offline when I’m out and about.

But I’m unable to ring out to anybody still. Especially if there was an emergency, Think work might be interesting over the next few days.

I’ve now been able to talk to Dave through the Monster Messenger app. Basically Whatsapp for kids that parents control, to allow their kids to use it safely. It just happens to be the only thing on my tablet that will download, which we both have access to.

The joys of technology, eh!

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