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Making a Difference?

I care about people. I care about the world I live in. I care what I do to cause a ripple effect. Whether I’m doing good or bad. I want it to be good all the time. I’m not a saint, I’ve done bad things in my life so far.

I don’t wanna keep living that way. I wanna make a difference. A difference to one person. To another. To my community. To where my heart is. To the world around me.

That is a big ask of myself.

How is small, unknowledgeable me going to achieve something as huge as that?

I may be small in size but I have a big heart, strength and ambition. I may not be knowledgeable in that area but I have knowledge. I have to begin somewhere. I’ve set myself an ambition, a challenge to make a difference.

I may not know the exact path I’m gonna walk. One step at a time, I’ll be on that path to my goal. Following the journey, I’m excited, scared, amazed at myself to discovery. If I can make a difference in one person’s life. How many will they make a difference to?

Every action or non-action has a ripple effect on life, on the universe in my opinion. I want mine to be positive, to enlighten others.

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