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Book: Finding Your Voice by Joanna Crosse

Speaking up, saying what needs to be said hasn’t always gone well for me. I was shy growing up. Times I felt I spoke but wasn’t heard. I gave up. I’ve been going through life having that hole, getting bigger.

That loss of connection. The loss of my voice. My confidence. Thinking what others thought of me. My mind and thoughts have ruled me since a little kid. Where, why or how I couldn’t tell. I’d be making up stories.

That is my past!

Knowing the where, why or how doesn’t matter to me. Not anymore. What matters to me now is finding my voice both personally and professionally. Opening up on here, I’ve found has helped me a lot. I’m finding my voice. I’m learning who I am and who I wanna be.

Before I started writing, I bottled things inside. I let my mind rule me. It’s helped me open my eyes. Along with my daily journey, the personal development I’m doing and finding joy in my life. I need to continue finding my voice, my courage and confidence.

The inspiration for this post was the book Finding Your Voice by Joanna Crosse. Having borrowed it from the library, I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ve put it on my wishlist.

I like her writing style, the case studies and the ability to go back and look at snippets at a time. Very clear layout. Recommended Read.

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