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When going out, spending the time to enjoy myself, I can get into my head. Meaning I’m not fully in the moment, enjoying myself. I get anxiety, believing thoughts that aren’t true.

On our day trip to York today, reflecting back I was more present. I was in the now more. I enjoyed myself. I had thoughts. I controlled them. The thoughts I did need to action I did when necessary, with a calmness.

York is lovely. Each time there’s something new to discover. There are parts of York that are still a mystery to me. Dave and I had one item on our agenda that I really wanted to do. The rest we went where the day took us.

We started with the place I really wanted to visit. Easingwold, north side of York. This place I had never heard of until yesterday. If it wasn’t for Capitol Breakfast I wouldn’t have known it existed.

I am talking about the Yorkshire Puzzle Store. Yep, my idea of heaven. One place housing over 1200 Jigsaw Puzzles. Thanks to Valentines Day, Dave had an excuse to buy one for me. His decision, not mine. But I’m happy with a new puzzle being added to my collection.

We headed for the centre of York. Here we found a bus doing a VR experience of Tim Peake and his trip to space. Giving a free sample of what can be seen at the Railway Museum until March. We really enjoyed it. Not sure how exactly but I ended up seeing the full VR experience that’s being shown at the museum.


I don’t know the fee price but it was a great experience for me. I’ve never used VR technology before with just my eyes.

Afterwards, we explored some of the centres. Wondering in and out of shops we felt like going in. 2 and 1/2 hours later we decided to head back home. Where we decided last minute to have a look at the York Designer Outlet.

When I was home, I realised my funk was gone and I generally enjoyed myself. I wanna continue having experiences and being present in the now.

Watched: Demolition > 3 out of 5
Escape Room > 1/2 out of 5

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