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First Wedding Fayre

Even with technology declining around me, I had an exciting day. Dave and I went to our first wedding fayre. Dave proposed in Barcelona, a year and a half ago. Before we do get married we want to be in our own place. My aim for Christmas 2019 is to have a family meal at our place.

Then we can plan our wedding. I’ve had ideas of what I’d like out of our wedding but didn’t wanna get excited as it’s gonna be a few years before we say our ‘I Dos’. One venue idea I like, always curious when driving past when working, was holding a wedding fayre.

I asked Dave if he’d go and off we went. I love it. Seeing the different ideas and businesses I couldn’t dream of was great. Seeing the venue helped to make it a possible choice.

As a popular question at the fayre, ‘when and where are you getting married’, we weren’t able to answer. We got onto discussing it and came up with 2 possible years but were undecided on the month. We’re thinking possible April or May but then decided on a year.

In 3 years time in 2021 we will be getting married. It gives us 3 years of steady planning and figuring out what we want. In 3 years time, we should have been living together for at least 2 years.

It has that natural flow. Having that excitement, positive feeling that it’s time to start thinking about our wedding.

A mini phone update: After 3 weeks of waiting, I received my proof of purchase from the phone company. Tomorrow I can post my phone off to the support place. See what they have to say.

A mini iPod update: I have a scheduled call with a support member tomorrow to see their take on my iPod.

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