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Being Happy in my Job

You’ve probably read I’m a community carer if you’ve read my previous posts. Last August I was given the opportunity to do extra for the company within the office. Since starting this part of my role, I’ve felt a bit mixed.

There was never a new contract, just a verbal agreement about what I would be doing. Many times since, I’ve felt more of a negative vibe from the office side of things. More due to the fact that they’ve requested more of me and expect me to do things beyond the agreement.

Some of the things I’ve been happy to do, whereas others I haven’t been able to say no. For times I’ve said no and done what’s best for me, I haven’t felt the respect.

I love my carer side of my job. The job I’m contracted for. I’m good at it. That’s the place I wanna be. I feel positive out in the field. Due to this, I have given my notice to the office side of my role.

I want to be doing what I love.

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