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Road Trip: Southhampton Overnighter

An early morning to get down to Southhampton by lunchtime. We’ve gone down for Dave’s Uncles 50th Birthday Party. This journey is different for me in the fact that I’m not driving. At first, it seemed a little strange but great though.

I felt I could relax more. I took my neck pillow I was given for Christmas 2016. This is the first time I’ve been able to use it in the car. I never thought I’d sleep but I did. I spent half the time sleeping.

The time I was awake, I didn’t get antsy once. Suppose there was not much goal work I could do.

The afternoon before the party was lovely. Spent time with members of Dave’s family, had a walk, then got ready.


The party itself was good, it was held at their local golf club. They even had a photo booth. Similar to the ones seen at the Wedding Fair last week. It made us decided we’d like one for our evening wedding entertainment.


We’re staying at a local Premier Inn, the bed in comfy, cannot wait to sleep.

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