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End in sight for my BSL

I’ve done more of my BSL. I’ve finished unit 6 and have done my videos for my up-to-date learning.

Right now I’m feeling good about the course, I’m nearing the end. I feel I can finish the course in the next 2 weeks if I really focus on it. With only one more unit to go, then the final assessment I believe this is achievable.

So by the middle of April, I wanna be putting in for my certificate and to continue developing my BSL video blog series. To be viewed by you lovely readers by the end of the year.

From this, I feel positive that there’s an end to things I start. I’m enjoying learning and I’m going out of my comfort zone by doing the videos. I’m trying new things.

Goals, Life

Acts of Kindness

While reading Life Coaching for Dummies by Jeni Mumford, she introduced me to a new website; KindSprings. It is a community of people practising kind acts.

2 of my big life goals is to make a difference to people and animal’s lives. Basically, I wanna contribute to bettering the world we live in.

This website gives ideas. People within the community share the ideas, stories and acts. People can host and join 21-day challenges of kindness and gratitude.

I’ve been on a week now and by writing down the things big or small that I’ve practised on being kind, I’m able to monitor how many acts I’ve done within the world.

Last week I had a good week of kind acts. They were just normal acts I hadn’t even thought of as kind before I found this site. From these acts and my involvement within the community, I’ve become Community Member of the Week.

I don’t believe I’ve achieved something by being a community member before. Doing the natural acts of kindness to me has made me speechless and proud of myself.

I know making a difference is something I’m passionate about. I wanna continue being kind in every part of my day.

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9 Months of Writing

There are times in my life I feel I have a mental block. This block for me is like hitting a brick wall. Not knowing what to do, say or write.

When this happens, with my development, I feel this block is draining away slightly. I’ve been journaling for 9 months straight. Writing I believe has helped me to battle the block.

I find there are times this block is a sudden hit in the face. So I feel what I say, do or write is not good enough.

I’ve become to accept that everything I do is good enough. Perfect isn’t something to strive for me. It brings more personal battles then it does being accepting of the person I am and growing to be.

Watched: Geostorm > 5 out of 5

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Amber Weather + Neuro Appointment

Well, that amber weather warning alert is upon us again. This time I’m working. No hibernating for me. I’m proud of myself for driving in the horrible weather.

But a couple of near misses gave me a heart attack. My heart felt like it was gonna come out of my chest. My stomach in a knot.

I got through it. Home safe and sound. Getting myself rested and in the mindset to do it all again tomorrow.

I had my Neurology appointment for my twitching and pains. My end takes from it was he believes it’s down to my anxiety. I’m not convinced. I can’t do anything else really.

He gave me a blood form for some tests so will go for them when I’m able over the next couple of days. See if they show anything. Knowing my track record, everything will come back normal.

Something about me is ‘normal’.


Film: Life on the Line

I like most films that are based on true events. Life on the Line was one of them. I cried, laughed and loved with all the characters. My intuition was good and o so wrong.

A job that never crossed my path or my mind before.

The film has changed that.

A newfound understanding and a place in my heart for all the men and women around the world who have lost their lives and those who brave their lives every day to ensure the power stays on.

Whether your job title is lineman/woman or not I appreciate all you do. Power is not gonna be taken for granted again by me.

Watched: Baby Driver > 3.5 out of 5
Life on the Line > 4.5 out of 5

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Priortising Goals

I’ve had a quick look at my goals. I’ve done a little sorting. As you can see I’ve added a couple of dates for when I wanna achieve them by. I’ve also grouped together what I believe are goal steps to help achieve a bigger goal.

I’ve also made a decision that two goals, overcoming workbook and MHFA, can be put to onside for the time being. I’ve no time restraint on these whereas the courses that I’m paying for do. So I’m prioritising the time restraint goals.

Plus right now I’m more motivated to do these as they’ll get me closer to my bigger goals.

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BSL Goal Update

I’ve felt like I’ve been getting somewhere with a couple of my goals this past week. One of which I feel I could finish soon if I spend a good 2-4 hours on each week.

The goal I’m referring to is my BSL. For a long time, I’ve wanted to learn sign language. During my communication module for my NVQ, there was a link to an online sign language course. With a year access to complete the 7 sessions for £20.

Seeing as that was in my price range, I thought it wouldn’t harm me to sign up for the introductory course. That way I would get an idea of if it was something I wanna continue with.

I’ve loved learning BSL. It’s inspired me to make videos of myself signing what I have learnt.

3 days ago I started lesson 5. Did a couple of videos. Then wrote some ideas for what I could write in my BSL series. I don’t think I spent more than an hour on it.

Today I spent another hour and 1/2 on my learning and videos. Completing lesson 5. I believe doing the videos is helping me learn the signs quicker.

On my At A Glance for the year, I put down to complete BSL in Q2. I feel I’ll do this plus get my BSL videos published on my blog.

I feel there is some light at the end of the tunnel that I’llbe able to cross some goals off my list this year.