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Monthly Review: February 2018

Sitting here looking out of the window, watching and listening to the weather, makes me feel like I have achieved something this month. Usually, I have a good sense of how my month has gone, but this month I don’t seem to have that.

The snow is falling, wind blowing, I’m thankful that I can hibernate from the bad weather. That I don’t have to navigate it like I did for work and family commitments yesterday.

I’ve always thought that I’ve had a fear of driving in snow. Yes, I don’t particularly like driving when the weather is bad, but the last two days have made me realise that that fear was my thoughts. I don’t have a fear, I’ve been letting my mind rule me. This means that I can cross off my goal of overcoming driving in snow.


I was thinking of removing the goal off my list completely but then I thought by crossing it off, it’ll be a reminder that my fear wasn’t a fear and I can accomplish overruling my mind and goals. I believe I’m gonna link this review for the goal on my list as a reminder to look back on.

February saw me, hand in my notice on the office side of my role and change my availability to look after myself and try to find some balance in my life. I finished my therapy sessions which brought insights to me from time to time.

I had the start of my second tattoo, went on a trip a trip to York and had a weekend away in Southhampton.

I feel like I am prioritising myself more this month to allow myself to carry on in the future. This is what I want to continue doing. Finding a balance in my life so I can carry on with enjoying my job and my life.

Even with work and life happening, I’ve been able to look at my goals too. I liked seeing my activities on a bar chart last month, so I’ve decided to do so again. I like it because I can easily see which goals I’ve focused on and how much.

I am very proud to say that I have gone the whole month of February without CHOCOLATE!!!! There are times I think of having some and many temptations when I’ve said no. I’m glad I have the willpower in me. Let’s continue with that goal. I feel I have more energy.

Screenshot 2018-03-01 06.30.06

What can March bring?

I’m starting March off with some annual leave. Have some relaxation, spend time with friends and family, including a trip down to Portsmouth. Hopefully, the weather improves.

I have another NVQ meeting, I’m starting a couple of CPD courses from FutureLearn, I’m gonna be going down to London by myself for the UCP meet up. Plus I wanna work on myself and my goals too.

What is your March gonna bring?


3 thoughts on “Monthly Review: February 2018”

  1. That bar chart – what a fun idea. I’m going to see how I can make this work for my goals this month as well.
    Having goals for things I want to include in my life – not the “shoulds” – has helped my thinking so much.
    For March I”ve got a couple of things planned but they are very simple and close to home- our daughter turns 33 so we’ll probably go out for Sushi – now there’s a thrill haha.

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    1. So glad that it has helped you. Sounds like a good time spending together. Sometimes the simple and close to home ones is just what is needed. Enjoy


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