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I’m very good at starting things. Finishing them, however, not so much. I believe I’ve got better as I’ve got older. Becoming more aware of my actions, thoughts and beliefs. I’ve many goals, a to-do list as long as my arm and a massive pile of things staring at me daily.

At times it’s like everything sits there and laughs at me. Even if I try to do something towards my goals that neverending feeling is right there in front of me. I had a look at some of the papers in this neverending pile.

I’m able to recycle 3 pieces right now. One was a second copy of another in my pile. I’ve enough, I don’t need multiple copies. The second was something that means nothing to me now. I think that’s past its date. The third is about confidence.

Confidence is something that I struggle with. I have my good days and bad days. But what does confidence mean to me? 

When I feel confident, I feel good, strong in myself, my body and actions. I’m being a best friend to myself. There’s that inner belief I can accomplish my dreams.

When I’m lacking confidence, what do I need to change?

My belief, my self-trust in me and my capabilities.

Self Trust – The learnt skill to rely on ones inner resources whether those are emotions, mental or physical to navigate the world

Self Efficiency – Your belief in your ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish specific tasks

Molly Mahar has 21 life skills. Number 8 is “Believe in your own capability”.

  • Know I can rely on myself
  • Know I can succeed

To help build confidence I need to believe in my own capability. Have positivity motivation. Take risks. Love me. Know that I’ve/I’m taking action.

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