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Sound of the Music

Woo! I’ve got my phone back. I believe the majority of it’s new. But I have it back. I feel normal again.

I’ve been getting back into listening to music. I used to dance when I was at school. I liked the feel of music playing. There’s music I love and music that doesn’t move me. Moving my body to sound makes me feel good.

I’ve had parts of me in the past that’s regretted not continuing with dancing. Getting my love back for the sound and feeling again, I think I’d lose too much of it if I were to pursue it. Just like me and working with animals.

I wanna love to hear and feel the beats. I wanna sing to my heart’s content when no one is listening.

I watched the Brits for the first time tonight. Seeing their passion for their world, makes me understand music is for my enjoyment.

I wanna continue towards my passion to help people. I’m on the path to learning about myself. To be my authentic self.

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