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Blacker Hall Farm Shop and Cafe

I’ve been able to reach 26,061 steps in one day!! That’s a first since I’ve had my tracker. Nevermind this year. Majority of those steps was walking on a round trip to Blacker Hall Farm Shop and Cafe.

Approximately 17.84 km Dave and I did. That includes the time spent at the farm. Visiting here was a first for me. I’ve wanted to go for a couple of years. My in-laws get a few things from there every so often. Our Christmas 2017food was ordered from there. What I’ve tried has always been delicious.

I wanted to do something that wasn’t gonna cost a lot. I had the idea for it if the weather allowed. Thankfully, the weather felt the same. A cold breeze at times but the sun was out and blue skies as far as the eye could see.

It took us 2 hours to walk there. We spent about 1 1/4 hours there. We went to the cafe for lunch. Honestly, I was disappointed. The barn itself and the staff were lovely. The food, however.

We had a sandwich each, Dave had chips and I had a mug of soup, then our drinks and we shared a slice of cake. Out of all of it, I enjoyed my apple juice the best. I could only take a couple of sips of the soup. Clearly, today’s soup of the day wasn’t for me.

I was disappointed by the lack of taste to the sandwich and the dryness of the cake. I just don’t understand how the butchers and shop items are delicious at home but at the cafe, I can’t rate it.

Safe to say walking there and back made it worthwhile. I think I’d drive there again but only for the shop and butcher.

Walking home again took us 2 hours, even with going a different way and taking 2 detours on public footpaths. Despite the food disappointment, I’ve enjoyed myself. Spending time going for a walk and exploring new places with Dave is something I’m loving.

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