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Weather Controller Anyone?

Day 1 of our time off drawing to an end. We did have a plan for the day. Take a picnic, the dogs and go for a walk somewhere. Due to the bad weather, we decided to hibernate. We watched the first 2 Harry Potters.

Can you believe that Dave has not seen them?

Seeing as I love Harry Potter. This had to change. We also made 2 new dishes. One was Flapjack, the other Chicken Gumbo. I loved the Gumbo, the Flapjacks not so much. Dave liked them so he can eat them. We’ve made them for our get together tomorrow evening but depending on the weather this might not happen.

I’ll be disappointed but cannot help the weather. The catch up is due to be at mine. First in a long while. But it could be or will be the last opportunity for the group to get together at mine.

It’s been a couple months since I gave a moving house update. Well, it sold within a week of going on the market. We had a scare of being homeless, then that resolved to enable my parents to look for a house themselves.

Fingers crossed tomorrow will be contract sign day and in a few weeks, we’ll be moving home. Meaning I’ll be closer to my friends, family and Dave. Plus Dave is able to move in. Focusing on the positives in life.

Watched: The Unseen > 3 out of 5

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