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Fareham: Day 1

An early start to drive down south. This has been my first road trip, where I’m driving and it’s just Dave and I. Our end destination: Fareham where we are staying with my Great Aunt and Uncle. It’s lovely to have the chance to stay over.

The first part of the drive was easy for me. iPod on, sat-nav showing me where to go and Dave sleeping next to me. We stopped at Warwick services. It’s like deja vu, it’s only 3 weeks since we were there.

The second half was harder, I could feel myself getting tired. We had Daves’ iPod on and we talked about anything and everything to keep me going for the last stretch to our 1st stop:

Marwell Zoo

Being off-peak, it was quiet. Got to see the park more of a natural environment for the animals. No crowds of people around them. I can be a bit suspicious of zoos with space, environment and life the animals get in captivity. At Marwell Zoo all seemed to have enough space if they choose to roam there.

We were there for a good 2 1/2 hours. Believe there was a small section we didn’t get to see due to getting to closing time but it was a good trip out.


See the video I took of the penguins swimming:


On the roadside, we saw an English Heritage sign for Bishops Waltham Palace. We went to find that. After 6 minutes detour having missed the place. We found it but it was still early in the year for it to be open.

A shame, it was only 10 minutes from the zoo and half hour away from my Aunties. Another time, maybe.

By tea time we got to my Aunts. It’s been a lovely evening catching up and hearing family history stories has been fascinating. Even saw one of my 2nd cousins this evening too. It may have been a long drive, but I’m glad I did to be here.


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