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Relaxed + A Quarter 2 Goal Maybe?

It has come to that time again. The last day of my time off is coming to an end. This week showed me what it could be like for Dave and me to live together. I can’t wait! It will be interesting when it does come around.

I’ve become relaxed over the past week. Doing things as they come and not rushing around all the time. This is something I wanna feel every day of my life, not just when I book time off.

I’ve done a few goal steps in between when it felt right too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still overloaded, putting too much on myself, personally, mentally and financially. One of my quarter goals, wait I believe it was a big goal for the whole of 2017, was to be healthy in all ways including emotionally.

Since 2018, a part of that has gone down the drain. I think I may have to put it down as a quarter 2 goal in my review for the end of quarter 1.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, have a lovely one. Thank you for stopping by for a read. I’m very grateful to you as my readers.

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