Goals, Life

Acts of Kindness

While reading Life Coaching for Dummies by Jeni Mumford, she introduced me to a new website; KindSprings. It is a community of people practising kind acts.

2 of my big life goals is to make a difference to people and animal’s lives. Basically, I wanna contribute to bettering the world we live in.

This website gives ideas. People within the community share the ideas, stories and acts. People can host and join 21-day challenges of kindness and gratitude.

I’ve been on a week now and by writing down the things big or small that I’ve practised on being kind, I’m able to monitor how many acts I’ve done within the world.

Last week I had a good week of kind acts. They were just normal acts I hadn’t even thought of as kind before I found this site. From these acts and my involvement within the community, I’ve become Community Member of the Week.

I don’t believe I’ve achieved something by being a community member before. Doing the natural acts of kindness to me has made me speechless and proud of myself.

I know making a difference is something I’m passionate about. I wanna continue being kind in every part of my day.

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