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Mortgage: Seeing Where We Stand

My mum came up to be today saying it might be worth seeing the financial adviser now rather then waiting until I’ve been in a new job a while. See what position we’re in now for a mortgage or to see if we can get one etc.

It’ll be good if we could. Having our own place will make a bigger difference to us. My mum is gonna give me the number of the gentleman who helped them to get their mortgage for this new home. See where things go from there.

Watched: David Brent: Life on the Road > 1 out of 5

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No Internet Week

Since moving in we’ve had no internet. The broadband isn’t getting sorted until next week. Seeing as I’ve only so much data on my phone it’s been a bit like I’ve had a no internet week.

I’ve done a little bit of odd jobs on my phone. But being a small screen I find it hard to do what I need to. I’ve ended up borrowing my mums’ tablet to renew my library books. When going to collect some of Dave’s things I used my in-laws internet for my blog updates and renewing licences.

I just need to complete all my other changes. While writing this, I’ve realised we’ve had 3 none telly days in a row. Also since moving, I’ve done more daily movement.

We’re still sorting our room out; boxes still around the room. We’ve started charity bags. It’ll be good to check out the local charity shop. New places to explore. Exciting times.

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Do I have an attitude?

Waking up next to Dave knowing it’s gonna be every morning and not once or twice a week, was a good feeling. Getting up to go to work early, smiling at his sleeping self, set me up nicely for the day.

The thing that has been playing on my mind, is how to be honest and say what needs to be said without coming across as having an attitude. I don’t know whether that’s just how I’m perceiving myself as such or if I’ve an attitude when doing so.

It may be the former. No one has come out and said anything to me. If I am, would they? I’d like to think so.

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We’re In

Moving day has now finished. Although, the house is a mess. That’s gonna take some time to get sorted.

Dave and I officially live together. Under the same roof 24/7. A big step forward for us. It’s taken all afternoon and evening to get into an order in our room. We’re not finished yet. We’ve still yet to finish moving Dave in. He’s only been able to bring one bag of things with him with all that’s been going on.

I’ve only had today off work. Back to a full day tomorrow. We’re gonna have to wait till the day after before we can get the rest of Dave’s things.

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2 more sleeps till moving day

Most of the house is packed up. Two more sleeps to go. The dining table has been taken down. We’re eating on our laps. Seeing as I’m working tomorrow, I’ve been trying to get the¬†washing done.

While doing that I’ve been able to complete module 1 of my life coaching course and sent that off. One less thing to worry about when I’ve no internet for a week. I better get changing my address.

Most importantly I’ve done my car insurance. The best bit they have refunded me. This has been taken off my monthly payments for the rest of the year. It’ll all help down the line.


Tattoo: Part 2

I went for the final sitting of my tattoo. I went by myself this time. The shading is complete. The colouring, however, isn’t I’m gonna have to have a third sitting. That one should be the end of them.

I handled the shading very well. It was the colouring I found too much. The tattoo artist could tell as well. Least it’ll be done. Least it’ll be done for the summer.

Watched: The Hurricane Heist > 4 out of 5