Wedding Venue No 3

We went to our 3rd wedding fayre/venue today. I knew before going that we weren’t gonna be getting married there. Dave, however, hadn’t seen the place before or had a mini past with the place.

Thankfully he said on the way out that he preferred the other 2 we had seen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful place Waterton Park Hotel. It’s above our price range really, disabled access would be tricker than the previous place and my memory of my old best friend due to being married there, me as maid of honour and 3 months before the wedding was cancelled.

I don’t have a positive view, well I’ll say memory as the place does have a lovely view. So far The Holmefield Arms is still our number one. We’ve still a few more to see yet. That all may change.

Watched: A Quiet Place > 4 out of 5
Octopussy > 3 out of 5

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