Life, Writing

I am the expert of my life

I am the expert of my life. Only I can learn, research and digest the information around me. I have to take action. I have to trust what I feel.

My actions, my feelings – Do they line up with my values and beliefs? When trying new things. Experimenting. Only I can feel if it’s light or heavy. If I’m on fire or feeling like I’m dragging a ball and chain.

Only I can let things go from my life. I don’t have to care about everything. I am the expert on my life. I have the answers on the inside. I am enough. I am worthy and deserving of love and acceptance. I am doing the best I can.

I am supported. I’m not alone. Feelings, goals, life can get messy. That’s OK.

Have a place to go. Have the space to allow myself to be messy. I am a friend to myself. I am allowed to be a beginner. I am allowed to make mistakes. Only I can tell myself otherwise.

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