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Conisbrough Castle

I’m seeing more of the beauty around me. After helping my grandparents this morning, Dave and I went to Conisbrough Castle. The views from the top tower are spectacular.

Across the road was a war memorial and a woodland park. Both had positivity surrounding them. I loved the quote on the entrance archway to the park.


Be the change you want to see in the world by Mahatma Ghandi


To get to the castle we ended passing my dads place. So we decided to do a surprise drop in. We had a lovely catch up. My step-mum wasn’t feeling well so it was good to take her mind off things. This evening we went to the in-laws for dinner.

I’ve seen all my close family in one day and not felt rushed or obliged to do so.

Tomorrow brings work again. Need to see the beauty around that is something to work on.


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Time Together

Today was the first day where both of us weren’t working for a while; not annual leave. It was nice to be able to have the time together plus do our own thing and know tomorrow we can do the same. Where usually we’d have work the next day.

I also felt I could go around to D and R’s for a film, getting home later. We did have to wake the whole house up to get back in as someone locked an extra door so we couldn’t get in.

All in all, it’s been a lovely day. I’m glad the weather is as nice.

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Furniture Window Shopping

We were able to do something towards the house buying. The welcome pack from the solicitors arrived. We had a lovely time filling out forms this evening. We’ve the last parts of them to do over the next few days. Plus our identity for them.

We were also to complete the agreement for the surveyors. They’re getting carried out in 2 weeks time.

I’ve been looking at furniture. I like so many things. It’ll be interesting what we end up getting when we know measurements. It’s gonna be an expensive few months. That’s for sure.

I had my final NVQ observations. But I’m afraid I can’t say I’ve finished. I now have to wait 6 days for our remote call to finish everything off. But that is supposed to be it!!! It’ll be another thing off the list.

Watched: Licence to Kill > 3.5 out of 5

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Living Together a Month

It’s certainly a waiting game now. Especially with yesterday being one after another. We’ve sorted out the surveyor for the house.

As I was in the mood for sorting out, I finally booked my car in for its recall appointment and got around to changing more addresses. We’ve been living together a month now. It feels like we have forever. It’s been so natural to us.

Tomorrow is my last NVQ observations. Not sure it’ll be the last for my knowledge questions but the end is near.

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Giddy Moment No. 2

It’s time for a happy dance! The giddy moment is happening. The vendor said yes to our offer. The process has begun on buying a home. I’m proud of myself. I’ve been ringing people up to find out information and to sign up for all the legal processes, I’ve needed to without even thinking or overthinking.

I’m excited but trying not to get ahead of myself. I’ve told my dad the news this evening. We’re still in need of a proper sit down with Dave’s parents. In fact, even though we’ve been together 3 and 1/2 years, our parents still haven’t met. I think I need to set that up too.

New experiences ahead!

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Anticipation for an Anwser

We haven’t heard back from the estate agents. We informed them that we’re greeting with the vendor on the price. Last we heard it shouldn’t be a problem as the vendor put the offer forward.

Still waiting. If I haven’t heard anything by my break tomorrow, I’m gonna give them a ring.

I’m holding my anxiety and dread inside. I’m a little quieter than normal this evening. That anticipation isn’t good for me.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed we’ll hear good news tomorrow.

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Would you mind doing me a favour?

Could you please keep your fingers crossed?

The house negotiations have gone well so far. Tomorrow will be the answer to whether we’ll be buying the house or not. I hope so. I know it needs gutting and starting again. But I have such a good feeling about it.

I know it’s the one for us. I hope I sleep tonight.