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Monthly Review: April 2018

I say this every month but it still stands in my eyes. Hasn’t the month gone quick? I even had a customer say it’ll soon be Christmas!! I know life seems to be going at full speed lately but talking about Christmas for me is too early.

April has come to an end. I have started to wean myself off my anti-depressants and after the conversation with my new doctor today I don’t have to take so long to wean myself off them; on the tablet within my system basis. I believe the no chocolate goal is helping me. I don’t feel like there are times when I need to hibernate like when I’ve had chocolate. Another month went with no chocolate; GO ME!

I have started my Life Coaching Level 2 course at Newcastle College. I have passed my first module and halfway through my second. I feel this course is helping me learn the practical aspects of life coaching that I don’t get with the UCP course.

I’ve started my quarterly goal; daily movement. I have started to walk to placed more and had a couple of goes on my exercise bike. That’s twice it’s not getting used as a clothes hanger. Starting this goal was made a lot more motivating since moving home.

You guessed it. WE MOVED is the next achievement of this month. I say achievement more for the fact Dave and I now live together. Albeit not in our own place but with my parents. But since seeing the financial advisor today we have been told we are in the position to look for our own place. I got very giddy at this news!

I have done a couple of updates on my BSL video series but I do need to up my game if I want the whole series to be up and running by the end of July. So far I have 3 weeks worth up. But I guess this isn’t on top priority at the moment but it is happening. That I am not gonna go back on.

I did a few no telly days and had a week of no internet. Wow, that was hard. I believe I should do more of it. Next week may be my next chance as we are going away for the week on holiday. The usage of data is going to have to be limited seeing as I am running very low to my limit, if not already done over.

I have got closer to the end of my NVQ. I am now at 93.2%. So close to the end but still far away. I was told it be the beginning of April that I would complete but due to unforeseen circumstances this is not the case and will be towards the end of May now.

I even remembered to do my graph for the month. As you can see below I have been focusing on more selected areas in my life to complete rather than bits and pieces of all. I have found this to be more productive as I have got more done across these areas, getting me closer to the end.

Screenshot 2018-04-30 20.33.05

May is, fingers crossed, going to see the end of my NVQ. I am going to have a repeat of my blood test from March as I apparently have high potassium. Going to Wales for a week with a group of friends. My first friends holiday. We are going to another wedding fayre at a venue we want to view. I am going to volunteer one morning, continue with my Life Coaching course and start month 3 of my UCP course.


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