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Feeling a Failure for Building Furniture

Doing my daily movement of walking this week. I’ve found I’m really enjoying walking to places near me. Whereas before I’d have used the car. We’ve been into town to do another shopping trip. We’ve done two trips this week as we didn’t know what we wanted for our main meals.

I’ve saved fuel and got some exercise in the process. Dave and I build up one bedside cabinet and one chest of drawers. To complete all it took us five hours and two mistakes we have to back track on. Considering it was out 1st attempt at furniture building we did quite well.

I didn’t think this when we had gone wrong and had to back track. I felt more of a failure at this point and the thought I’d ruined the chest of drawers. Thankfully, we didn’t and a family dinner at the in-laws took my mind off it. I became happy again.

With the drawers now up and our stuff in our bedroom moved to their new homes. It looks a lot better. I’m pleased with it; our space. Feels more ours and homely. If that’s even a word.

Until tomorrow dear journal.

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