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Book: The Cozy Life by Pia Edberg

I’ve just finished reading ‘The Cozy Life’ by Pia Edberg. Pia writes about the Danish concept of Hugge. Pronounced Hoo-gah. As I tend to say things how they are written, when I come across a new word, saying Hugge throughout the book was a mindful task.

I really like this book and how Pia incorporates her Hugge world into her stories. I certainly felt cosy reading it. Put a smile on my face and felt peaceful. The book encouraged me to start my digital clean up (yet again).

As I’ve no internet still, I concentrated on my computer files and started my hard drive clean up. I deleted 2606 files! I haven’t even finished. Photos and music are the ones I’ve left to fully complete on my computer. I’m sure I’ll find something else hiding somewhere.

I’ve got into the bad habit of trying to get ‘free’ money. To do this I’ve to either spend money or use my time downloading and playing games. I’m not a game person and so far out of x amount I’ve downloaded only one is something I like. I’ve decided to get rid.

I’ve done so for majority apart from the game I do like. Thankfully, I don’t need internet for that one. With another, I am so many points away from about £10 Amazon voucher. I’m gonna search until I’m eligible then remove myself from all.

For someone who wants a simple life, I do make things harder for myself. I’d like to use Hugge in my life. Be part of my frugal project.

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