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Not Big on Showing Affection

I’ve learnt tonight I’m not big on showing affection or my love to another publicly. I’m not sure if it’s because it makes me feel uncomfortable or because I’m not used to others being that way around me.

This evening I met the best mates, new girlfriend. She’s lovely. They are well suited to one another. I feel we could get along as friends and not just because she’s going out with my friend.

Being a new relationship they were lovey-dovey. It’s nice to see they’re getting on like a house on fire. I’m happy for my friend to have found someone he really likes.

That part was a bit too much for me. After so long I needed to leave, to allow them to get a room.

2 thoughts on “Not Big on Showing Affection”

  1. This is very inspiring. I like how you were able to express your emotions through honest writing. You have a beautiful mind. Amazing work! I hope you could follow my blog page, hopefully you’ll get inspired too. 🙂

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