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I want my writing to be about honesty

I’m having a moment of feeling, well I can’t say left out, like the lack of inclusion. The feeling like I’m missing out.

There’s a gathering at our mates this evening. Here’s me writing this while in bed, when all are having fun. I’ve been home from work an hour, due to go to bed shortly so I can get up for my morning work.

I’ve felt that tiredness like I’ve got a weight on my head but no obvious reason for having so. Maybe, unconsciously it’s because of the feeling I know now. Knowing Dave has gone and stayed with his parents so not to disturb me and the dogs coming home in the middle of the night.

I’m glad he’s being thoughtful and not wanting to disturb me. At the same time, it’s the the first night since moving in together where we’re not gonna be beside one another. I know I’m being a soppy person.

I’m not comfortable being affectionate in public. I seem fine with a pen and paper. I’m just being honest in my feelings. That’s what I want my writing to be about; Honesty.


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