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Mortage: Appointment Due

Tomorrow we’re meeting the financial advisor. I’m excited but also scared that I’m not gonna hear what I wanna hear. Whatever he says, we have to accept. I’d rather know our position on whether we’re able to get a mortgage or not.

If not he’ll be able to give us pointers on how to get in the right position for one.

I’m off to the doctors tomorrow. It’s my new patient appointment. To register with this doctors I needed ID and proof of address. I don’t ever remember having to do that at previous doctors.

So far I’m impressed with the new doctors and I haven’t been yet. I registered 4 days ago. I already have one nurse appointment and a blood appointment all in the same week.

The reason for my blood appointment is I finally heard back from the blood test I had over a month ago. I heard by receiving another blood form for a retest. On the clinical notes, it says high potassium.

I’ve no clue what that means but apparently it can cause my twitching, tiredness, chest pains and heart palpitations. Let’s see what the new test shows this week.

It’s a busy week for us but at the end, we then have 9 days off and spending a week in Wales with friends. Cannot wait for it.


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