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Giddy Moment!!

Giddy Moment!!

After seeing the financial advisor and being told we’re in a position to get a mortgage. I’ve been doing a giddy dance.

We can start looking for houses.

Me being me can’t wait. I’ve started looking. We’ve found 4 maybes currently in the areas we’re looking for our price. One, unfortunately, is under offer. The other 3 we’re waiting for word back from the estate agents.

Dave’s dad has put me on a downer though. Apparently, he can’t get his head around how we can afford a mortgage.

Thankfully, I wasn’t there at the time of him and Dave talking. I’m slightly annoyed as well. Dave’s dad even suggested going to see a mortgage advisor. I’m gonna message Dave’s mum tomorrow to see about going around the evening before we go on holiday.

My new patient appointment went well. I even had a phone call from the doctor about my anti-depressant. At this new doctors, it can’t be put on repeat. Neither can my pill, so the nurse has booked me a review for that one.

I suppose it’s quite a good thing really. People can’t abuse medications and the doctors save money on medications that aren’t needed. Not all will think this way. But I agree with this doctors system.

At my old doctor’s, I could just get my repeats without talking to a doctor. It’s amazing how each NHS doctors are so different from one another. Even when in the same county.

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