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One of those Days

It’s been one of those days. One of my customers’ mother was unable to support her. I’ve been able to go on extra visits. I’ve moved my blood test to accommodate. I need the hours. I’m not in urgent need of the test.

We are viewing two homes on a couple of evenings time. That’ll be exciting, even if we end up liking them or not.

Two of my friends have had bad days too. One, I don’t know what’s happened but it’s put him back into a depressive mood.

Another, who was set to drive us down to Wales at the end of this week messaged me apologising that I’ve got to drive now. Unfortunately, he’s had health complications that are preventing him from driving over the next 4 weeks. Hopefully, we’ll know more tomorrow after his second trip to the hospital.

Looks like I’m doing my second road trip of 2018, being the driver. It’ll be an experience for us all going on the holiday. Even with knowing I’ve to drive, I’m still looking forward to it.

All this happened while being at work.

I still find that news takes its toll on me, my thoughts and emotions more than events that happen to me first hand. I love my friends and family. I’d do all I can to help them.

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