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Try again another day.

I took a trip to the library. Seeing as the weather was nice, I decided to walk up; be my daily movement for the day. Unfortunately, it happened to be closed due to the voting going on. I did drop ‘The Spiritual Laws of Success’ off.

The library isn’t going anywhere. I can try again another day.

My friend with the health complications is no closer to finding any answers. All the tests are coming back normal. I bet that’s hard. When you know something wrong but they are unable to help.

I’ve received my £10 Amazon voucher. I’ve already spent the majority of them but I did buy practical items. A new notebook, an in-car phone holder and a cookbook stand. Hopefully, they’ll be waiting for me when I’m back from Holiday.

As I’ve received my voucher, I have deleted the account I was receiving them from. ‘Spend money to make money’ kind of thing.

One more morning left at work to do!

I’ve got my blood test tomorrow. Plus the house viewings and then going around to the in-laws for dinner.

Hopefully, I won’t be getting annoyed. It’ll be practice for acceptance of what gets said.


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