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Wales Tomorrow!

Woo! Time off has arrived. After a morning of working, I can now enjoy myself on holiday. I had my blood test. I’ve a nice little bruise as a souvenir. Did a little shop; got Dave pants!

For however long, he hasn’t had enough to last him a week! Well now he has and he doesn’t have to go commando on holiday.

We viewed two properties this evening. The first we found too small and parking was a little too risky for my taste. So, we’re saying no to that one. The second property we looked at I really liked. Room sizes were good and I could handle the parking.

However, the price is at our ideal maximum and we felt there was a lot of work to be done which we wouldn’t be able to afford. More so if there are hidden surprises somewhere when gutting the place.

It’s a shame. I felt I could have made it home. It wasn’t meant to be. There are a couple of other maybe’s. So, if they’re still there when we’re back from holiday we’ll book to view them.

After viewing the homes we went to Daves parents to have dinner. Thankfully, there were no problems with understanding. Dave’s dad seems to have accepted we can get a mortgage.

All in all, it’s been a good day. The week has taken its toll. I’m feeling tired tonight. Better get my rest ready for tomorrows drive.

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