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Wales: Day 1

We’re in Wales. The plan was to leave at lunch to drive down to where we’re staying. Which meant that I could have a lie in. What happened, I woke at 6 am needing the loo. I struggled to get back to sleep.

That didn’t put me off the excitement bubbling in me. We set off in time. Being 6 of us we went down in two cars. My car set off first but ended up arriving last. It’s amazing what half an hour difference can make.

The car, Dave was in, took 3 hours to get to the destination. Ours, 5 hours. We ended up being in traffic from a lorry fire. We had to detour with heavy amounts of traffic. Thanks to that we got a free McDonalds by the monopoly prices.

Arriving at the cottage. OMG!! It’s beautiful. We’ve all said we’d move in.


This evening the lads played card games and B and I watched telly and had a gossip. It’s lovely being here. Think this will be a good week.

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