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May 2018

Can someone please explain to me why the months are going by so fast? I’m still amazed that it’s another month gone. We are now starting the sixth month of 2018. Half of the year is nearly coming to an end.

May has been a very busy month for me. Thankfully, we did have a trip to Wales with friends. That was a wonderful week; it was much needed. May has also found us house hunting. We got to viewing number two and fell in love. We are currently week 3 in the process of buying it.

Fingers crossed the end of June will bring us having a date for the collection of keys or already having them.

Health wise I have been generally well in myself. I am getting off my anti-depressants. Only having them once or twice a week just to finish them off. I had my blood test re-done to find my Potassium levels are back to normal. This past week I have been more tired but I have been pushed at work. By the end of June and for July I’ll have an easier time of it.

My mum and I have had to start being more hands-on with caring for my Grandma as well. She has Dementia but it’s her physical abilities that are declining quickly. As my Grandad is caring for her 24/7 we are going in to sit with her and to provide morning care to give my Grandad a break. We are currently searching for a care company to be able to provide this support 7 days a week so everyone can have a break. Then we’ll go in and sit with her while my Grandad has time to himself.

This month also brought around my NVQ finishing. It has taken 11 months but I can finally say it is complete. I have also completed 2 out of 4 modules for my Life Coaching qualification.

I was also completing steps towards my goals; below you can see a chart to see how much of each I have done throughout May. Last night I was thinking that I am now actively doing pieces towards my goals that I feel writing each down in my diary and completing a chart at the end of the both isn’t as important to me any more.

Because of this, the chart below will be my last one. At the end of the day, I know when I have or haven’t completed steps towards my goals. I write about them regularly in my journaling, that I feel I am able to gauge how I am going towards the goals I am focusing on at the time.

Screenshot 2018-05-31 14.40.06.png

June is here.

What will it bring?

For me currently, the following is planned:

  • Looking after my Grandma
  • Survey for the house we are buying
  • Life Coaching Tutorial
  • Demi Lovato Concert with my friend E
  • Puppy Sitting for the in-laws
  • Final sitting for my tattoo
  • Micheal McIntyre Concert with Dave
  • Annual Leave
  • Dave’s Birthday
  • Steps Concert with B and our mums
  • Volunteering

That is a busy month of things to come. Of course, I have work around all that too. Work to me isn’t important enough to be included as that is just something I need to do.

There you have it. My month of May rounded up in a post. What did May bring for you?

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