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I’m a Step Forward on my Awareness

Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve finished my NVQ. It got to the time of my remote call. My assessor was running late. Then she called me to say we need to do it in person really. I now am waiting another 3 days. Maybe then I’ll be able to say I’ve finished.

I ended up taking an anti-depressant today. The first in over a week. Dave told me I was grumpy a couple of days ago and I noticed I was very short at the office today.

I’m proud of myself for being aware. Acknowledging my mood was changing. I no have to work out a way of going back to happiness without the use of the tablet. I’m one step forward with my awareness. I’ve more steps to go.

We got forms from our financial advisor. We’ve signed the forms. The last form is a gift deposit form so we just need to evidence that my Grandparents were the ones gifting us the money.

Tomorrow I’m going into town, for my car recall appointment and to prove my identity for the solicitors. I’ll also hand in the new forms for the advisor.

After nothing happening the last couple of days. It’s good to see something. It makes me feel something is happening. That things are moving forward just I’m not witnessing it in front of me.

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