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Book: The No Spend Year by Michelle MaGagh

I’ve just put down the book ‘The No Spend Year’ by Michelle McGagh. One of the library books I thought could possibly help me with my frugal research.

I wasn’t disappointed. I couldn’t put it down. I read it in less than a week. Easy to read. I loved her writing and being honesty about her experiences. It can be hard to find true experiences from those close to home meaning some of the advice I could utilise.

As Michelle lives in the UK, I was about to look into the tips she wrote about. Most of what was written I hadn’t heard of before. It opened my eyes to what I could be doing or where I should look to help me live a more frugal life.

Although I don’t wanna go the whole hog for a no spend year. I would like to cut down on my spending. Using the information within her book. I feel this could be more likely to happen.

Over the last two pages of her book, I thought of at least two items to put in the charity bag.

  1. A Penguin Onesie: This was a gift (from someone we don’t talk to anymore) which isn’t any excuse. I do like being cozy but wearing a onesie isn’t my idea of cozy. I get too warm. I’ve only worn it once or twice and now it’s just getting dusty in the wardrobe.
  2. Pink Vans: Although I do like them and have warn them a number of times. My toe doesn’t feel the same. Each time after wearing the vans my tendons in my toe swell and cause pain for at least 24 hours. No matter the prettiness of them, the pain each time isn’t worth it.

Actually even though I said two things going to the charity shop. We have put a third item in the chairty bag. We put the film Mad Max: Fury Road in too. That’s all I’ll say about that film.

In the end I really enjoyed the book. I don’t wanna buy it but I feel I’d get it out of the library again one day.

Now, what shall I read next?

Watched: Mad Max: Fury Road > 2 out of 5

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