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I Feel Rejuvenated Again

I was my step-dad apprentice today. He’s a plumber. My mum is poorly and Dave was at work. It was up to me to help him. He was sorting the central heating pipes out. Ready for the building work to start soon.

I enjoyed helping. I think it was more to do with the helping rather than liking the plumbing aspect. Although, I did learn some plumbing terms.

After a full day off, I feel rejuvenated again.

I also brought Dave his birthday present. It’s gonna be a surprise for him. Rather than just buying him stuff. I’ve bought him a tank experience. He really likes tanks and loved the trip to the Tank Museum on our Fareham trip earlier this year.

The experience is held at another tank museum in the UK so it’ll be a good day out for him. I believe he’ll love it. I’ll book that during the week when he’s at work.

More items in the charity bag:

  1. Dolly shoes: They were giving me blisters and they were causing pain in my feet.
  2. Big photo frame: it was bought for a collage that I don’t have any more. It’s too big for the map I’d like to put up.
  3. Glass pictured kitchen side topper: I much love the bamboo toppers we have instead
  4. Hot Drink Travel Cup: I don’t think hot drinks. The closest thing to hot drinks I have is cup a soup. I have one I could use for that. I don’t need two.

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