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Book: Power of Doing Less by Fergus O’Connell

I finished ‘The Power of Doing Less’ by Fergus O’Connell. It has some good tips to get you to cut down of doing things.

It’s got a link to a page done by Calm; do nothing for 2 minutes. It counts down the clock for 2 minutes where you listen to waves. Moving your mouse or using the keyboard resets the counter.

 The author also gives names of other resources to go to if you want. Plus there are questions to answer. It was a quick read. Only took a couple of days. I haven’t done the tasks set in the book.

I’ve booked marked the 2 minutes Calm count down to try when the house is less hectic.

I’ve also looked into the free exercise plans through NHS Choices. There are a couple of plans you can do at home with no equipment. There is also one that is an outside plan in partnership with The National Trust.

I’ve downloaded the plans I liked. I’ll give them a go soon too.

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