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Do you have Core Values?

During my life coaching course, having values and beliefs has been one of its topics. I’ve thought about my own before when doing The Joy Equation with Molly Mahar.

These Core Values were:

Balance: have control, things spilt easily – family, work, friends, love, life. never stressing about getting everything done.

Connection: concentrate. meet up with friends and family. open up to them.

Radiance: share the love. be who I am on the inside; outside. be fun, warm, loving.

Acceptance: accept who I am. those who need to/for me to be someone else have to accept me for me or else I don’t need them in my life. accept the situations I am in.

Simplicity: only have, do, concentrate, on the things that matter. do not have to do what is not needed

Laughter: do the things I love. spend time with family and friends. be outside.

Adventure: do things I enjoy. be outside. travel the world. go exploring. learn to do new things. get out of my comfort zone.

Health: Look after me. eat healthily. exercise. enjoy life.

I figured out these core values. I made a mini collage of them.

What did I do with these values once I finalised them?

Put them away in my trunk.

I’m not living in synch with my values there am I?

I’m not going to be rewarded with joy, integrity and ease. I’m not gonna live life through them if I don’t have them in sight daily.

These core values were created nearly a couple of years ago now.

When completing my Life Coaching Course I wrote the following to be the values I wanna live by:

I want to live with integrity and authenticity. I want ot have the values of creativity, laughter and balance in my life.

Comparing the two, laughter and balance, are the two words that show up in both. Although I haven’t used the rest, all the words in both still resonate with me. I have the values, but I need to live them out in my life.

What I would love is to have a collage /vision board type idea incorporating all these words to have on one of the walls I’d see each day in the house when it’s completed. Knowing this I have the time to really find and create the perfect one for me.

Having this up and seeing will remind me of my values. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll live by the values but I can’t think this way. Seeing it daily will allow me to think positively. The words and the feelings I got from them will bubble in me.

Having a good feeling will help me live by my values. Which in term will show the difference in how I live, doing what I want. Living my life authentically.

I’ve been able to make a little collage with pictures that I believe represent my values. I’ve so far only been able to find something that will allow only 16 photos to make one. Then I haven’t been able to find somewhere that can print it off as yet.


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4 thoughts on “Do you have Core Values?”

  1. Acceptance is very big and takes vigilance. Humor and having fun, is precious.
    I’m glad you brought up core values. I did something very similar a couple of years ago. and I haven’t looked at that list lately either.
    It was not easy (I’m never easy on myself) but what did help me was to come up with actions that I could take in my life to help me strengthen / live out my values.
    Here’s what I came up with. I combined some to make it an even four items.


    Staying healthy so I can function for Bob and Amber.
    Be a good steward of what I are given in life.
    Taking responsibility for my life choices – be the best you can be.


    Receiving what comes into my life with a positive attitude.
    Find the silver lining.
    Having fun while I can – old age and death is at hand.

    Honest / Humility/ Respect

    Stick with the rules.
    Put others first
    Recognizing value in all life including my own be present
    Being civil even when others are not

    Mindfulness / Fun

    Sweeping away chaff so I can focus on the important
    Quit procrastinating
    Giving honor to my chosen possessions by caring for them.
    Exploring my physical, mental and emotional world.

    I might need to simplify that a bit.

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    1. I love what you have come up with Debbie. I like that you have steps within each of your values to help you honour them. That’s a very good idea.

      Coming up with my own actions that support my core values would be a good way of being them in my life.

      Thank you very much for your comment.


      1. Yes it helped me organize my thinking. I used an outline format which requires at least two points under each heading. If I couldn’t think of two, I combined the heading with another breaking. Later I can break them apart if I need think of more action items

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