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Do you Trust your Gut Feeling?

When I first saw the house we’re buying I knew straight away this was our house. I didn’t know how I knew. It just felt right. I could see us living there enjoying our life. I knew deep down that this house was meant for us.

Even with knowing the house needed gutting and not having the money to do the work. I always came back to it. Looking for other houses wasn’t the same. When my mum and step-dad decided to help in ways they could, the house becoming ours was becoming a reality.

Now weeks away from getting the keys this feeling hasn’t changed. I’ve trusted my gut and had faith in my desire.

Thinking back I cannot remember feeling this way about something. I’ve come to find I’ve started things and stopped. Never finishing. Relying on others to give me the answers to what I should do.

Were they warning signs?

Should I have narrowed down my input?

I need to source my own answers. Believe in any warning signs. Trust my gut and have faith in any future endeavours.


1 thought on “Do you Trust your Gut Feeling?”

  1. I’ve learned to accept and trust my gut feelings more and more as time goes by.
    Especially hen it comes to houses or other places to live. We know when we feel at home or not.

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